Episodes at a glance

A Podcast-Based Master Level Course

Episodes at a glance

We’ve been working on the content of the course, and have a pretty good idea of what the course will be like. This will be subject to change of course, but as a rough guide to what a course participant can expect, here’s our current list of episodes:

  1. Introduction. What this course is about, the roadmap, who is doing this show and why, and who the course is for.
  2. Machine Learning. A brief history, what it actually is, and what it is not. This episode will feature an interesting guest interview.
  3. Deep Learning. More specifics on the topic of Deep Learning.
  4. Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN). Examples and possibilities with one currently very popular deep learning technology.
  5. Human-Centered AI. In this episode, we’ll change gear a little bit. We’re discussing the role of human-centered design and its relation to data-driven services. We’re planning an interesting guest for this episode, who will help us talk about societal implications as well as application and service design.
  6. Risks and Challenges. How can we systematically work with ethics and risks with services based on machine learning? This episode also has a planned guest interview.
  7. Student Q/A episode. The first batch of course participants probably have some questions at this point. This episode is about answering and discussing aspects that have been generated by the listener community.
  8. Application domain – learning and education. In this episode, we’re kicking off the applied part of the course. We will take a deeper look at Learning Analytics and Education Data Mining, and how machine learning solutions can help (and hinder) learning and education.
  9. Application domain – mobility and transportation. Smart cities, transport, and logistics are all using various AI systems. How can these be designed well for users and society? What are the risks and benefits involved?
  10. Application domain – health innovation. We will follow an interesting design and development case where a combined hardware and service solution could help healthcare professionals solve time-critical problems in a hospital environment. This will be a unique way of looking at a design process almost in real-time, as the AI-driven service is currently being designed.
  11. Special coverage – From Business To Buttons: The annual design conference FBTB feature some international prominent speakers in the overlap between AI and Service Design. We will try to get a few interesting interviews on location in Stockholm for this episode.
  12. Conclusion and next steps. The final episode that will summarize and conclude the course. It will also contain sort of a “meta-discussion” regarding our experiences with creating this podcast-based course.

We’ve booked the studio, and will start recording in May.

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