A Podcast-Based Master Level Course

Artificial intelligence (AI) is not just a technology. Beyond the algorithms AI drives services that are rapidly changing our work, our personal lives, and in extension the very fabric of society. This course is podcast-based and aims to provide professionals with more knowledge on machine learning, how to design better services, and how to avoid some of the pitfalls with different AI techniques (predominantly various kinds of machine learning and deep learning). The content is on the one hand focused on the basics of the technology, and on the other hand a design-oriented approach to building human-centered services using AI technology.

Human-Centered Machine Learning is available on several podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, acast, Spreaker, Castbox and Podcast Addict. You can also listen to the episodes on this website.

We will collect any questions you might have as a course participant and make specific episodes trying to answer and discuss aspects that have been generated by the listener community.

Please submit your questions about the course to: dap@hh.se.

Episode 1: Introduction

In this first episode we introduce what this course is about, who is doing this show and why, and who the course is for. Please listen to this short episode before diving into the rest! And good luck on your learning journey! Good luck from the team behind the podcast: Pontus Wärnestål, Cristofer Englund, Stefan Byttner, and Jeanette Sjöberg.

Episode 2: What is Artificial Intelligence? – with Anders Holst

Let’s get started! We need to know about what Artificial Intelligence is – and in particular, what today’s AI is from a practical perspective and what designers and developers of AI-powered services need to know about the many aspects of AI. Stefan and Cristofer discuss the fundamentals of AI with Anders Holst from RISE.


Episode 3: Machine Learning with Anders Holst

Cristofer and Stefan head deeper into AI, and focus on Machine Learning, together with Anders Holst from RISE.


Episode 4: Practical Machine Learning with Anders Holst

Building machine learning applications require a lot of practical work and experience. Off-the-shelf solutions need to be tweaked and tailored to fit your organization’s needs and goals. The practicalities of implementing Machine Learning techniques is the topic of this episode. Stefan and Cristofer continue their discussion with Anders Holst from RISE.

Episode 5: Deep Learning with Anders Holst

“Deep Learning” marks the beginning of a new AI era, starting around 2012 for practical applications. Deep Learning is part of the reason AI has expanded so much recently. In this episode, Cristofer and Stefan discuss the basics of Deep Learning with Anders Holst from RISE.


Episode 6: Generative Adversarial Networks with Edvin Listo Zec

Generative Adversarial Networks – or GAN – is powerful newcomer in the AI realm. GANs can be used to generate new data, that can help train new models as well as test and validate AI-based systems. Cristofer’s and Stefan’s guest this time is Edvin Listo Zec from RISE, who will discuss opportunities and risks with GANs.


Episode 7: Designing AI Services with Gustav Martner

In this episode, we’ll change gear a little bit. We’re discussing the role of human-centered design and its relation to data-driven services. We’ll talk about how to consider users’ mental models and expectations in our designs, how we move from rule-based tools to probability-based user experiences with “agentive” technology. We’ll also talk about how to convey AI capabilities to the user gradually as they start using the service, and how to manage take-back and handoff between the system and the user. Important factors to consider is the “human-like” qualities in an AI-powered service and how we can achieve transparency and be able to explain the different service experience outcomes in different situations. Pontus will talk about this (and other things!) with Gustav Martner, CEO at ICA Reklam and founder of Digital Reliance.


Episode 8: Agentive Technology with Chris Noessel

In this episode Pontus talks to Chris Noessel, author of the book Designing Agentive Technology, about what designers need to know in order to design services that act on users’ behalf.

This episode was recorded at the annual design conference From Business To Buttons, which feature international prominent speakers in the overlap between AI and Service Design.


Episode 9: Application – Learning and Education with Martin Cooney

In this episode, Jeanette kicks off the applied part of the course. Our guest is Martin Cooney, Assistant Professor in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. Jeanette and Martin head into the fast-moving space of EdTech, where AI techniques can help – and possibly hinder – learning and education.


Episode 10: AI in Healthcare with Anita Sant’Anna

Healthcare is undergoing big changes on many fronts. One of the drivers for change is the race for health data and the many applications of data-driven services in all parts of the healthcare ecosystem. Anita Sant’Anna – PhD and consultant with over 12 years of research experience in signal and data analysis for health care applications – talks about some issues related to data collection and what human-centered design can bring to the healthcare sector.

Episode 11: AI and Mobility with Sigma Dolins

Autonomous vehicles present a wide range of interesting design problems. Sigma Dolins, researcher at RISE’s Sustainable Transport Team presents interesting cases surrounding dynamic ride-pooling, the experience of being both inside and outside of autonomous vehicles.


Episode 12: Ethical Challenges in AI with Vaike Fors

How can we systematically work with ethics and risks with services based on machine learning and other AI techniques? In this final episode, Cristofer and Pontus is talking to Vaike Fors, Associate Professor with a focus on design ethnography. Vaike has a long experience from working with design of services in the autonomous vehicles space.


Bonus: Människo-centrerad AI – Halland Tech Meet (in Swedish)

Den 13 maj 2020 anordnades Halland Tech Meet, ett digitalt evenemang som samlar företagsledare, forskare och andra aktörer i Halland med fokus på digitalisering, teknologi och innovation. I detta avsnitt samtalar Anita Sant’anna (Research on the Go, och gäst i podden Episod 10), Joel Sandén (Region Halland) och Pontus Wärnestål (Högskolan i Halmstad och InUse) under ledning av Anna Petersson (projektledare för AI.m vid High5).