About the Project

A Podcast-Based Master Level Course

DAP (Digital design and Artificial Intelligence Podcast) is an explorative project at Halmstad University, and financed by VINNOVA.

This project has a two-fold purpose. First, to develop new course content at the intersection between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Service Design (SxD). The knowledge demand in this area has increased rapidly recently within both industry and public sector. We therefore want to increase the professional skill and ability for AI and SxD practitioners in this intersection. Secondly, we aim to explore a new course format for flexible and short courses at advanced level for practitioners. The target group for this type of course are experienced and operate in advanced knowledge-intensive environments. Furthermore, the target group works in a time-pressured context where knowledge and skill need to be continuously developed, but where traditional full-time campus-oriented education often is unrealistic. The course format therefore needs to be flexible, modularized, remote, and self-paced.

In DAP, we aim to explore, create, and evaluate a podcast-based learning platform för flexible courses in the intersection of AI and SxD. Both format and content will be designed in collaboration with representatives from the target group, pedagogical staff, and researchers from the fields of AI and SxD. The project will define the needs and wants for flexible learning at advanced level in more detail, explore various options for launching a podcast-based course, and evaluate user experience and learning effects during and after a course is completed.


Digital Reliance